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In my career I have had the privilege of assisting and advising some remarkable people in many fields and walks of life. Some of my most memorable moments are:

Developed the only in-house federally recognized alternative laboratory methodology and brought it up to code for general acceptance, federal recognition, and insurance purposes. It is still the only one of its kind in existence. Dr. Carolyn Dean introduced it into Dubai at the Dubai Anti-aging Symposium in October 2010.


Founded C&D Marketing, a pioneering Internet marketing system for Alternative Medical methodology.


Drafted the idea for the first tourism offering on the (at that time, new) Internet for the State of Oklahoma Tourism industry at the behest of then Lt. Governor Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma Tourism Authority. Called, it was the forerunner of the state’s large tourism presence today.


Was principal in drafting the Allopathic Medical Licensure and Supervision Act, a bill that changed the medical laws in Oklahoma to allow far more freedom to explore and utilize developing methods without the loss of license.

1997 Began negotiations with the liaison of Surinam, SA government for the introduction, testing, and distribution of unlisted rainforest botanicals from that country. Introducing these unknown and, many times, unlisted rainforest botanicals into the natural market of the US was an orchestrated attempt to form cottage industries in the region so the indigenous people would have other monetary support other than destroying their rainforests. Supported renowned Surinam medicine man, Heynes Landveld on his speaking journey up the east coast of the United States. I was given many thanks and awards; the most treasured is the original watercolor of Heynes the Medicine Bear, the mascot of the effort.
1997 Consulted with Jamie Rivera Lehman, a well-known Naturopathic leader in Puerto Rico in a campaign to defeat or reword a bill that would put Naturopaths in that area in a disadvantage politically and legally. Also worked with Jamie to institute Hallmark College in the area and translate the components of it into Spanish.
1998 Opened the Chickasaw Nation Vocational Rehabilitation Program to naturopathic training through collaboration between the Chickasaw Nation Health System and my vocational school, Hallmark College. In response to the upsurge of diabetes within the Nation, I designed a laboratory method to quickly and effortlessly evaluate of each citizens of the Chickasaw Nation who were receiving commodities to ensure those foodstuffs each was receiving enhanced their health and complied with their diabetic eating programs.
1999 My integrative clinic became a provider with the Choctaw Nation to offer services to their citizens.
1999 I advised the Idaho Medical Association concerning Bill S1148 concerning Naturopathy. I advised that the bill should be killed – it was.
1999 Was a principal of a nation-wide "summit" for integration of medical, osteopathic, chiropractic, and naturopathic therapies into a continuum at the request of Dr. Clyde Jensen. Dr. Jensen is known as the bridge-builder between Medical methodologies and schools of thought.
1999 Worked with JTPA/NRA (Job Training Partnership Act/National Reserve Account Grant) to open Alternative Training Methods to that system.of scholarships and grants to Naturopathy. Hallmark College became a Training Provider under WIA (Workforce Investment Act) and Texas Rehabilitation Commission.
2000 Consulted with the Russia Resources, LLC and the Institute of Eniology and Social Research of St. Petersburg, Russia in regard to the new UNESCO International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED). My contact there was Ivan Gesse. I reviewed the UNESCO International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED), the Operations Manual for ISCED-1997, and the Statistics Sweden Fields of Education and Training Manual, at their request, offering my input and suggestions overall.
2000 Spoke before the Oklahoma State Senate on the viability of Alternative Methods in the state with Cancer Treatment Centers of America.
2000 Worked with the government officials in the country of Zambia toward the development of Hallmark-Dean Laboratory Methodology as official medical methodology for the rural areas of that country.
2000 Nominated for participation of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Shared the nomination with Dr. Douglas Stutz, former Director of Walter Reed Army Research Center and former advisor to the US Surgeon General; and contributed to the Clinton White Commission on Alternative methods through a written report.
2001 Helped launch the first-ever teleconferences for the purpose of training persons in the New Transactional Analysis (TA) Method. The resulting think tank included counselors and coaches who are known worldwide as tops in their field.
2002 Aided State of Louisiana Department of Insurance by developing protocol to be used as the Louisiana State Wellness Program.
2003 Began collaboration on the New TA Bible and the development of other major Transaction Analysis works with TA guru and best-selling author Jut Meininger.
2005 Was brought on board Edmundson Northstar Business Research and Training Institute as VP Business Development to map out the addition of new TA training methods specifically for the business arena.
2005 Wrote Corporate Training Guide, TEAMWORK: The Five Assurances of a Functioning Team. This Corporate Guide has been utilized in many seminars and training sessions throughout the corporate world. You can buy an e-copy or hard copy if you wish.
2006 Wrote the first book on the Applied New Transactional Analysis developed jointly with Jut Meininger several years prior. The book, entitled Listen! You’re Trying to Tell YOU Something, is a must-have for those attempting to understand how TA applies to their everyday lives. This book has also been utilized in many seminars and training sessions. You can buy an e-copy or hard copy if you wish.
2007 Co-founded Buckhorn Academy for the purpose of hosting special seminars, retreats, and studies on various subjects of political, health, and world interest.
2007 Had the privilege of working with a group of older teens, brought to the US by the Department of State as a project of FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange). This project is intended to introduce handpicked future leaders of the newly founded free Balkan countries that had been encapsulated by the USSR. Using my book, TEAMWORK: The Five Assurances, these young people were shown how to work in harmony on teams consisting of various mixtures of ethnic and ideological backgrounds.
2008 Consulted with and worked between a Croatian emigrant Dejan Markusic, skin-care company from that that country, and the Food and Drug Administration, making sure that the translation of the labels was appropriate and complete for the cosmetics market in the US.
2009 Became President of the Board of Directors for HOPE Community Services, a licensed agency that provides services to special needs children and young people.
2010 I stepped down from the board to move into the office as President of the Agency to utilize my talents as corporate developer and efficiency analyst to move the agency forward in a time of internal turmoil.
2010 Began working with a partner in Dubai, UAE, to bring American products and services into that region of the world. Developed HeartLand Sources, LLC as a distributor / Trading Company for this purpose.
2010 My Integrative Laboratory Concepts was introduced into the Middle East Region by Dr. Carolyn Dean, who was invited to be a featured speaker during the Third Annual Anti-Aging Symposium.
2010 Commissioned by individuals in Dubai, UAE to formulate a way to make it easy for US companies to work in the UAE area by developing an agenda that would escort those company representatives through the sure process of getting government contracts.

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